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Some mathematicians who have made important contributions to partition theory

Andrews img George E. Andrews

B.S., M.A., Oregon State, 1960; Fulbright Scholar, 1960-61; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1964; On the faculty of Pennsylvania State University since 1964: Assistant Professor 1964-1967; Associate Professor 1967-1970; Professor 1970-1981; Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics since 1981.

Euler img Leonhard Euler - (1707-1783)

Studied with Johann Bernoulli. Joined St Petersburg Academy of Science in 1727 (appointed Professor of Physics 1730, and Professor of Mathematics 1733); Berlin Academy of Science 1741-1766; returned to St. Petersburg 1766.

Hardy img G. H. Hardy - (1877-1947)

Entered Trinity College (Cambridge University) as a student in 1896; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge University, 1900-1919; Elected F.R.S., 1910.; Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford University, 1919-1931; Spent 1928-29 academic year in USA (mostly at Princeton Univeristy); Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics, Cambridge University, 1931-1942.

Ono img Ken Ono - (1968- )

B.A., Chicago, 1989; M.A., UCLA, 1990; Ph.D., UCLA, 1993. Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgia, 1993-1994; Visiting Assistant Professor, Illinois, 1994-1995; Member, IAS Princeton, 1995- 1997; Assistant Professor, Penn State, 1997-1999; Louis A Martano Professor of Mathematics, Penn State, 1999-2000; Associate Professor, Wisconsin, 1999-2001; Professor, Wisconsin, 2001-2003; Solle P. and Margaret Manasse Professor of Letters and Science, Wisconsin, 2003-present; Hillsdale Professor of Mathematics, 2008-present; Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics, Emory University, 2010-present.

Hans Rademacher- (1892-1969) 

Ph.D., University of Göttingen (under Carathéodory), 1917; Ausserordentlicher Professor, University of Hamburg, 1922-25; Professor, University of Breslau, 1925-34; On faculty of University of Pennsylvania, 1934-62; New York University, 1962-64; Rockefeller University, 1964-69.

Ramanujan img Srinivasa Ramanujan - (1887-1920)

B.A., Trinity College (Cambridge University), 1916; Elected F.R.S., 1918, Fellow of Trinity College (Cambridge University), 1918.

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Sylvester img J. J. Sylvester - (1814-1897)

Graduated as Second Wrangler from St. John's College, Cambridge, 1837; Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of London, 1838-1840; Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1841; Professor of Mathematics, Royal Millitary Academy at Woolrich, 1855-1870; Professor of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, 1876-1884; Salvilian chair in Geometry, Oxford University, 1884-

Some mathematicians who have made important contributions to the theory of q-series
Heinrich Eduard Heine- (1821-1881) 

Frank Hilton Jackson - (1870-1960)

Leonard James Rogers - (1862-1933)

Professor of Mathematics, Yorkshire College (later University of Leeds) starting 1888. Elected F.R.S, 1924.

Wilfrid Norman Bailey - (1893-1961)

Wrangler, Mathematical Tripos Part II, Cambridge University, 1915; B.Sc., London University, 1915; M.A., London, 1919; M.A., Cambridge, 1919; D.Sc., Manchester, 1931; Sc.D., Cambridge, 1936. Lecturer, Manchester, 1931-1944; Chair of Mathematics, Bedford College, London University, 1944-1958.

Lucy Joan Slater (1922-2008)

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of London, 1950; D. Lit., University of London; Ph.D., University of Cambridge. Special Appointment, Department of Applied Economics, Univeristy of Cambridge.

Some mathematicians who have made important contributions to algorithmic proof theory and implementation

Shalosh B. Ekhad

Formerly, Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Temple University

Sister Mary Celine Fasenmyer (1906-1996)

A.B. Mercyhurst College, 1933; M.A. University of Pittsburgh, 1937; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1946.

  Peter Paule

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, University of Linz
Ph.D. Universität Wien 1982

  Axel Riese

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, University of Linz
Ph.D. University of Linz, 1998

  Herbert Wilf

Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. Columbia University, 1958

Doron Zeilberger
Board of Governors Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University
Formerly Laura H. Carnell Professor of Mathematics, Temple University
Ph.D., Weizmann Institute, 1976

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Mandelbrot set img  Mandelbrot set

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