Current and Former Ph.D. students of

George E. Andrews
Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics
at the
Pennsylvania State University
Above photo by Leia Sills, May 5, 2002

Graduated Ph. D. Students:

  1. David J. DeVries, Ph.D., Penn State, Aug. 1969. Thesis: "Lattices of Equivalence Relations and Generalized Primes." Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Georgia College & State University.
  2. Edward Parberry, Ph.D., Penn State, Nov. 1969. Thesis: "On a Partition Function Related to the Theorem of Schur."
  3. Ming-Po Chen, Ph.D., Penn State, May 1972. Thesis: "Asymptotic Theorems in Partition Theory."
  4. Doris Jean Mitchell, Ph.D., Penn State, May 1972. Thesis: "Generating Functions for Various Sets of Solid Partitions."
  5. Willard Connor, Ph.D., Penn State, Aug. 1972. Thesis: "Partition Theorems Related to Some Identities of Rogers and Watson." Currently Associate Professor of Mathematics, Robert Morris University
  6. Margret F. Kothmann, Ph.D., Penn State, May 1977. Thesis: "On the Ranks of Partitions." Currently on the faculty of the Department of Math, Stats and CS, University of Wisconsin--Stout
  7. Kevin W. J. Kadell, Ph.D., Penn State,  Nov. 1979.  Thesis: "Generalizations of Basic Hypergeometric Series." Currently Professor of Mathematics, Arizona State University
  8. Michael D. Hirschhorn, Ph.D.,University of New South Wales, 1980. Thesis: "Developments in the Theory of Partitions." Currently Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales.
  9. Louis W. Kolitsch, Ph.D., Penn State, May 1985. Thesis: "Some Analytic and Arithemtic Properties of Generalized Frobenius Partitions." Currently Professor of Mathematics, University of Tennessee at Martin.
  10. Francis G. Garvan, Ph.D.,  Penn State, Jan. 1986. Thesis: "Generalizations of Dyson's Rank." Currently Professor of Mathematics, University of Florida
  11. Nicolas Santa-Gadea, Ph.D., Penn State, Dec. 1990, Thesis: "On the Rank and the Crank Moduli 8, 9, and 12"
  12. Scott P. Stevens , (co advisee of Torrence D. Parson and George Andrews), Ph.D., Penn State, Dec. 1988, Thesis: "Group-Action Graphs and Ramsey Graph Theory: Investigating the Ramsey Numbers R(K1,n,Kk,m) and R(K1,n,Bk,m)." Professor of Computer Information Systems and Management Science, James Madison University.
  13. José Plínio de Oliviera Santos, Ph.D., Penn State, 1991. Thesis: "Computer Algebra and Identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan Type." Depto. de Matemática Aplicada,  Universidade Estadual de Campinas.
  14. Kuo-Jye Chen , Ph.D., Penn State, Aug. 1992. Thesis: "An Asymptotic Formula in Partition Theory."
  15. Currently at the Department of Mathematics, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan.
  16. Garth Payne, Ph.D.,  Penn State, Dec. 1997. Thesis: "Multivariate Hypergeometric Terms."
  17. Jeremy Lovejoy, (co-advisee of Ken Ono and George Andrews) Ph.D., Penn State, May 2000. Thesis: "Arithmetic of Partition Functions." CR2, CNRS, LIAFA Université Paris VII
  18. Andrew V. Sills, Ph.D., (co-advisee of George Andrews and Avinash Sathaye) University of Kentucky, May 2002. Thesis: "Computer Assisted Explorations of Rogers-Ramanujan Type Identities." Associate Professor of Mathematics, Georgia Southern University.
  19. Augustine Munagi , Ph.D., University of Lagos (Nigeria), 2005. Thesis: "Restricted Partition Formulas, q-Partial Fractions and the Rademacher Conjecture." Currently Associate Professor of Mathematics School of Mathematics, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  20. William Keith, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, May 2007. Thesis title: "Rank of partitions and degree symbols." Senior Lecturer, Drexel University
  21. Michael J. Rowell, (co-advisee of Ae Ja Yee and George Andrews) Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, May 2007. Thesis title: "The Bailey transform and conjugate Bailey pairs." Assistant Professor, Pacific University.
  22. Kagan Kursungoz, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, May 2009. Thesis title: "Parity considerations in Andrews-Gordon identities and the K-marked Durfee symbols"
  23. Brandt Kronholm , (co-advisee of George Andrews and Antun Milas) Ph.D., SUNY Albany, May 2010. Thesis title: "On Congruence Properties of p(n,m)."
  24. Heiko Todt, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2011. Thesis title: "Asymptotics of Partition Functions."
  25. Shishuo Fu, (co-advisee of George Andrews and Ae Ja Yee) Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, 2011. Thesis title: "Bijective methods and combinatorial studies of problems in partition theory and related areas."

Current PhD students:

Photo by James Sellers, taken on December 7, 2008 at the conclusion of George Andrews' 70th birthday conference
(l-r) Shinshuo, Heiko, William, Kagan, Louis, George, Mike H., Brandt, Mike R., Frank, Drew, Plinio. Jeremy is visible only from the nose up behind George.

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