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The 2013 NSF CISE REU Site PI Meeting will be held Thursday March 14 and Friday March 15, 2013. Please visit the meeting homepage for more information. The meeting venue is the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. For further information on accommodations, please visit our hotel information page.

Once you have finished this registration, you will also need to submit materials for the meeting activities registration and the materials for the program booklet. Please also be sure to reserve your room using the Philadelphia Mariott Downtown official link. This link, and all other hotel information, is found on our hotel information page.

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The REU PI meeting can fund one person from each NSF CISE REU Site. Please indicate your status. Note that if you are not your site's primary/designated representative (or the only representative), you will proceed to a payment page when you submit this form. If you have selected "Other" please explain in the "Notes/Comments" section below.
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Your REU Site & Home Institution

Note that this section contains information regarding REU sites & their home institutions. This entire section is *required* for anyone attending the meeting who is affiliated with an REU Site. (It is not required for NSF representatives or others not affiliated with a Site.) Your registration may be rejected, even if it is accepted by the online system, if you do not fill out this information if it is applicable.

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If you selected other, please explain below in the "Notes/Comments" area. If you are registering contingent on pending funding for your REU Site for 2013 (either as a new site or as a renewal), your registration will be accepted. However, if the application for a new or renewed site is not successful, you should notify meeting organizers by email and cancel any hotel reservations and travel accommodations you have made.
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Please indicate the institution that operates the REU Site, even if this is not your home department.
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Meeting Logistics

Registration Fee

As noted above, the budget for the PI meeting pays the registration fee for only one participant from each REU site. Other people attending the meeting must pay the fee of $350, payable by credit card or e-check through ScholarChip. This fee covers meals and other incidental expenses. When you complete this registration page and click "Submit," if you are not the designated representative for your site, you will be directed to the ScholarChip webpage which will collect your payment information.

Hotel Accommodations

As with the registration fee, hotel expenses are covered for the designated representative for each site. For more details on hotel accommodations, please see our hotel information page. As noted above, hotel registration must be made separately from this form. However, please indicate here which nights you will be staying at the hotel. If you are not staying at the hotel, please indicate this instead.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Friday, March 15, 2013
Not staying at hotel
Travel Arrangements

Information about travel arrangements can be found on our hotel information page as well. Check this box if you are interested in taking a taxi from the Philadelphia International Airport and would be interested in sharing a taxi ride.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs with which you may need help, please indicate them here:



We will provide food for all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breaks). For the following meals, please indicate whether you will attend:

Thursday Breakfast (at the hotel)
Thursday Dinner (at the hotel)
Friday Dinner (City Tavern) – You will be attending with guests.

Dinner Friday will be at The City Tavern. For more information, see our local information page. Additional guest(s) may attend Friday's dinner. Please enter the number of guests (do not include yourself) in the appropriate box above. The cost for an additional guest is $83 each (incl. tax & tip) to be paid separately by you or your guest(s).

Please indicate any dietary needs you have here:

Other Food Restrictions – PLEASE SPECIFY:

With the meeting scheduled to start at 10:30am Thursday morning, it is possible to take advantage of some of the more interesting Philadelphia historical sites and landmarks on your own, independent of the meeting. There are a number of interesting walking tours that start from the hotel. You can do these tours by yourself or you can organize a group (either in advance of the meeting or Thursday morning at breakfast) to walk it together. More information on organizing your own walking tours is included on the local information page.

We were able to arrange brief tours Thursday morning to GRASP Labs at the University of Pennsylvania and the Center of Networked Computing Lab at Temple University. These are optional tours of 30 to 45 minutes. If you would like to participate in one of these, please indicate your preference below. For more information, see the local information page.

Please indicate your interest below (you may select one or both):

Thursday Morning Tour:
Tour of GRASP Labs at U Penn
Tour of Center of Networked Computing Lab at Temple University

If you are spending extra time in Philadelphia, a local tour company, Awfully Nice Tours, offers a variety of options. They will also work with you to plan custom tours if you have six or more people. For more information, see the local information page.

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